Colibri Consulting

Bucsinescu Street, no. 3, Iasi, Romania

Xperience Tattoo - Dare!

A tattoo studio in Iasi calling you to dare. Thanks to the experience of its artists, Xperience manages to enshroud to the skin the most complex desires. We interfered with the specific  advertising ink and needles to draw a distinctive and well defined visual identity.



Web Development

Content Management

A Long-lasting Refreshment

Starting from the old identity, we drew a Gothic symbol as imposing and definitive as a tattoo, based on the same principle of contrast, as the application of ink on skin, accompanied by a declarative serif font.

A Website that Breaks Patterns

And, to entice those who are willing to dare into the fascinating world of tattoos, a presentation web, that shows the work of Xperience Tattoo, designed artistic and visually strong, in black and white tones, was vital.