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Vlad Simionescu – Live to Fight

When an international champion fights for his passion, we cannot stay indifferent. So we became Vlad’s coaches for his own image, in a fundraising campaign. The story of this Romanian judoka, placed in top 10 world’s ranking, was a real inspiration for the Colibri team and needed to be shared with the world.


Personal Branding

Web Development


Content Management

He Is Vlad Simionescu

Building the personal brand began by outlining a suggestive logo – the flipped trapeze representing a judo champion constitution, and the S, his name - an iconography with a superhero appearance, precisely what Vlad is for us.

His Debut in the Online Arena

Vlad needed a presentation website with impactful, airy and modern design, whereby the entire world can get acquainted with his life story. Said and done.

Now He Can be Heard

Once we've mapped out the directions for the communication strategy that Vlad will follow, his story had the expected effect, receiving the necessary support to overcome his health problems.