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VERRA – A warmer name

A full rebranding project which instilled extra warmth to the image of a company dedicated to provide an integrated set of services and products for installation systems, tailored to customer needs.




E-commerce Development

Communication Strategy

Social Media

A Warm Name

A name and an identity that inspires warmth, comfort and truth. If the old identity illustrated the opposite, Verra’s identity, from brand name, slogan and color palette, convey comfort and qualitative products to its target.

We Designed the Online Rig

The new brand required a dynamic, responsive and relevant online store. No sooner said than done! It was developed and implemented through our new CMS platform dedicated to online stores.

Attractive Product Catalogue

Along with the promotional materials suite, the image of the product catalogue experienced a transformation through an airy and warm design, where the visual speaks for itself.

We Started the SEM Engine

To fulfill the objectives related to Verra’s advertising campaign - increasing awareness and sales – we have started an SEM campaign, tailored to the client.