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Bucsinescu Street, no. 3, Iasi, Romania

Opera Craiova - For Culture Lovers

The Romanian Opera quickly reached the acute register on the scene where it has played for so many years, but it needed an online image that could meet the digital demand, more poignant, for qualitative cultural information.


Web Development

Content Management

A Website with a Royal Design

Each website’s element followed a theatrical, artistic and especially responsive upward, yet modern and accessible, perfect for increasing the appetite for cultural consumption.

II Act

A very useful feature for the Opera's publishing team was also the integration of repertoire into a responsive, interactive and informative for the user Calendar.

Spectacular Finale

The digital stimulation for cultural consumption was held through a reorganized informational content, from biographies to repertoires, presented with an aesthetically fresh air, not only in Romanian, but also in two other international languages.

Design adaptiv

Ulterior, am proiectat și construit un website de prezentare responsive îndrăzneţ şi predominant vizual, în care imaginile şi textele ilustrează bunătatea produselor Fire Ribs.

Strategie de marketing

Prin implementarea unei strategii de content management a contului de Facebook ”ce lasă gura apă”, un grup numeros de persoane a fost atras către locația noului concept de Bar-B-Q House.