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Kiki, the Educational Club

The Kiki Educational Club, "a cake with a distinct taste" (as our customer would say), offers a different concept of kindergarten, based on ecological and sustainable principles. All kindergarten areas help children to understand, in a practical way, the environment in which they live and why nature must be protected. Green space, interactive activities, safe playground, dedicated staff, in one word, Kiki.



Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Web Development


Playful Visual Identity

From a name cherished by our client, we developed the visual identity and graphic materials, which have in common a vibrant color palette and a playful energy that only a rainbow could match.

Mobile-first Website

The next step of the proposed strategy consisted in building a site within oneself. Starting from a concise set of information, we designed it mobile first, with brightly colored modular columns, easy to cascade on a mobile screen.

Effective Marketing Strategy

We also came up with effective AdWords and Social Media campaigns, through which we have attracted a large group of parents, eager to enroll their children to learn in a natural and interactive environment.