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Honey Queen – One of a Kind Hive

Two ambitious young beekeepers started walking on Moldavian hills seeking for a royal honey, and have found a hive, one of a kind. Since that sweet moment, Honey Queen’s journey began. They gathered bees’ honey and placed it carefully in hexagonal jars, with no other hoaxes. And, we spread its story online.



Packaging Design



Web Development

Promo Materials Design

Buzzing Identity

We represented Mother Bee’s image in an elegant and minimalist way. And, the slogan, „A Hive, One of a Kind", filled in the idea of royal, natural and authentic Romanian honey.

Royal Packaging

The natural honey, Honey Queen, deserves to be presented to the greedy ones in packages designed with good taste, that stylishly capture the contents’ qualities, which is placed in hexagonal jars.