Colibri Consulting

Bucsinescu Street, no. 3, Iasi, Romania

Engleza profesională – Together with Cătălin Drăcşineanu

A personal branding project for a first class translator and interpreter, who aims not only to provide exceptional services in the translation field or specialized courses in English for professionals, but also the opportunity to develop public speaking skills.


Personal Branding

Web Development

Promo Materials Design


A 'Polyvalent" Identity

The iconography made of C and D initials, which plays either a role of learning pillars, or of a magnet, through which English language draws its enthusiasts, was filled by a serif font with a bit of an academic touch. Thus, an identity was created with a youthful, yet educational air, that inspires professionalism.

More than a CV

We have also translated that youthful air in the website’s design. A platform that is truly a dynamic CV, related to our client’s academic record.