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Elegance – Precious Moments

The main goal of Elegance’s team is to be a real provider of precious moments, through their commercialized jewels. To fulfill its purpose, a new and glorious image was needed, that resonates with current and potential customers. Here, we stepped in.



Communication Strategy

Store Design

Web Development

Content Marketing

A Truly Precious Image

A combination of elegant black and gold colors, a graphic symbol that represents diamond facets, and a declarative font. All these fine details convey elegance and are perfectly filled by a strong emotional slogan.

The Framework for a Ravishing Identity

It was time for a transition to a new business development stage. Thus, we have focused on designing the communication and promotional materials for Elegance’s chain stores.

Exciting E-commerce

An interactive and engaging online store not only by its visual content, but also through the functionalities that engage the user in the buying process.