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CodefySoftware - Your Ideas, Our Challenge

In the hearsay background that exists on the digital and computer science market, our client's image needed an update, and a rebranding process needed to be coded to align the company's performance to the presentation standards imposed by the market.



Promo Materials Design

Web Development

Content Management


Coding a New Identity

The new visual identity approach appeals to the association between IT elements and a color palette that inspires the professionalism and seriousness of the offered services. Also, the graphic integration of USB port suggests Codefy vision: sharing ideas and solutions between the company and customers to overcome challenges.

We Coded for "Coders"

It was a real challenge for us to make the new presentation platform to operate in the same parameters as Codefy services. Therefore, the benefits, special features, services, and products were re-assembled into a visual hierarchy, with calls to action which prevails throughout the site.