Colibri Consulting

Bucsinescu Street, no. 3, Iasi, Romania

Chemical Company - Elementary Yours

A Romanian company, with experience in the production of chemicals, wants to harmonize the form with the background that it has developed and perfected over time. There was an outside need of image revitalization to fit the ground substance, namely, the competitive products and services.



Support Materials Design

Promo Materials Design

Packaging Design

E-commerce Development


An Identity Aligned to International Standards

Our mission consisted in redesigning the identity to emphasize as efficiently as we could the accuracy of their activity, as simple, transparent and friendly as possible.

Web Platform and Online Shop

A responsive and elegant website that simplifies the user experience and online shopping of company's clients, with architectural information, folded on customer requirements.

Catalogues Based on a Precise Formula

The identity, the result of a chemical reaction between creativity and strategy, materialized in a series of catalogues that inspire confidence and professionalism, page by page.