Colibri Consulting

Bucsinescu Street, no. 3, Iasi, Romania

Cad-On – Design & Consulting

When Cad-On, a design, architecture and cadaster firm from Iasi, decided that it needed a new image characterized by precision and innovation, we stepped into their plan and began to design together.



Promo Materials Design


Precise Visual

Precise and straight to the point. These are the value coordinates which the company’s visual identity had to transmit. And, we designed it using a declarative and stable font and intuitive symbols, filled by a contrasting color palette.

Effective Marketing Communication

The new visual identity has been implemented according to the same principles as the communication and promotional materials: brochures, OOH layouts, stationery materials, outdoor prints.

An Urban Digital Portfolio

In order to transmit the information directly to the target, we have outlined a presentation website and a digital portfolio, optimized SEO, with a visually strong and minimalistic interface.