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Bucsinescu Street, no. 3, Iasi, Romania

Arte Rezidenţiale – We take you there!

Over time, the real estate market has become standardized and transactions have become mere numbers on paper. But, Arte Rezidentiale understood that they mean much more than that. Focusing on the human side, estate solutionists bring added value for people who are looking for a home through their services.



Promo Materials Design


Web Development

Meaningful Visual Identity

A slogan and a logo that comprise perfectly the artistic mosaic of Arte Rezidentiale: professionalism, finding the right home, humanity, offering customized solutions, all upward.

Elegant and Expressive Real Estate Website

The human touch that Arte Rezidentiale wishes to bring on the market was introduced to the digital environment through a platform sprinkled with "user-friendly" functionalities, which present their services and the real estate offers.

Dynamic Filtration System

Responsive and fluid, the website integrates the real estate portfolio and a dynamic filtration system, an effective digital instrument that is suitable for those who want to find the home of their own dreams.