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Armoniè – Soul Therapy

Armoniè, a psychological clinic from Iasi that wants to offer its customers a comfortable and intimate environment, in which they can discuss the obstacles they face. The clinic aims to change the general perceptions related to "going to the psychologist", offering qualitative services and a real help for those in need.


Naming & Branding

Web Development

Content Management


Promo Materials Design

Interior Design

A Resonant Name

The basic concept of the project was metamorphosis. Which element could better symbolize change than the butterfly? And, what word can better represent the finality of metamorphosis, if not harmony. And, to accentuate the visual idea of receptivity to change, we added an open accent to the last letter of the name.

Rediscovering Visual Identity

In order to perfectly illustrate metamorphosis through a graphic symbol, we chose a butterfly composed of 7 graphics elements and a color gradation, from the center outwards, which symbolizes the development of the human soul to harmony.

We Spread Harmony

This visual identity was also successfully incorporated in the support materials: business cards, agendas, bookmarks, office calendars, the entire necessary set, so the idea of professionalism and positive thinking to be instilled to any clinic’s client.

Online Retrieving

The presentation website created for Armonie was developed in the same calm, warm and optimistic tone, as the rest of the promotional materials.