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Bucsinescu Street, no. 3, Iasi, Romania

Apollo – Water, Sun and Chill

A fresh project with a concept of successful "grassroots" marketing in social media. Basically, a tasty cocktail of likes, comments & shares for Apollo Summer Lounge Pool, an oasis of aquatic pleasure, close to town and available to any person interested in cheerful and splashing.


Naming & Branding

Brand Communication

Marketing Strategy

Web Development


Promo Materials Design

Cool Brand Identity

The branding concept has focused on transposing the location image through Apollo God, known as the Sun God. The outcoming symbolism was completed by a simple, direct and concise slogan, written in a playful and friendly tone, ideal for communicating with its target.

Appealing Promotional Materials

The visual identity’s breeze swept all the materials assigned to promote the new location, from menus to outdoor signage, and it constantly attracted its audience, every summer.

Relishable Results

The delivered marketing campaign had a real impact on social networks; its Facebook page had one of the largest organic engagement of fans. And, the location itself has become renowned as a friendly brand that rewards loyalty and interest.