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Why The Future of Marketing Depends on Ideas

23.08.2017 13:14 Bianca

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You just need a few minutes in traffic to find out why. We are all spammed by the multitude of letters, colors, and shapes that look like they don't fit anymore, neither on the tallest buildings in the city. So, if neither the drones that deliver pizza are not working anymore, neither the huge Social Media budgets, neither the billboards, then what?

People, especially millennials, started to wish less opulence but more minimalism 

Whole industries are based on quantity to grow their profit. While dozens of corporations spend their time trying to promote thousands of products with the help of huge budgets, the world starts to ask for less, but for better. We don`t say that creative messages stopped working, but that a strategy which includes also a simple product, with a higher quality standard, can have a bigger outcome than any other tactics. 

Products that express care towards the consumer started to sell more

Marketers are learning in the university that you can sell anything, as long as you know how to tell the story of that thing. But, nowadays, false stories don't sell anymore, words without substance either. Instead, a product that shows that it cares about the consumer's comfort and well-being, yes. People look for products and services which offer them quality and comfort, not for those that are just popular or accessible.

People become fans of a service or a product when it offers them a positive experience

The most effective marketing efforts are based on encouraging the consumers to interact with the brand through ideas that generate natural connections with these.  

Let`s take a Romanian brand as an example, which, despite the fact that it didn't make huge marketing efforts, it came to be appreciated at both national and international level, for products with high-quality standards, which intensifies the feeling of security of the consumers while taking the buying decision. We are talking about Musette, which, even though they have a limited products catalog and a relatively small marketing budget, it convince and impress thousands of consumers through qualitative products, which express the feeling of comfort. 

It is easier to invest first in a product and then promote it intelligently

It is not mandatory for the ideas to cost a fortune. An original idea can have a higher impact than one that already exists on the market, that was once effective, but now it is too frequently used and too expensive. Therefore, instead of choosing aggressive promotion, you can better get out of the comfort zone and choose to promote your product or service through creativity. How? Firstly, make sure you have a very good product, which covers a need or a problem, and then choose to implement those simple ideas that break the patterns and grow the chances that the consumers convince themselves of the quality. Distinguish yourself from the noise of the market by investing smartly.

A consumer satisfied by the product/service is more likely to recommend it to others

We probably all know what means word of mouth. We hear a lot of entrepreneurs always talking about how they want their product to promote themselves by word of mouth, but usually, they don`t succeed. The reason? People don't talk about a low-quality product, that didn't offer them a positive experience. And, certainly people don't talk about how impressed they were by a banner or a billboard, but about how their needs were covered by that product.

Therefore, dare to come up with a new idea, but which is based on a pregnant need of a customer segment. If you really want to be different, change your current status quo and claim for a different type of attention. Be different, dare to care about your customers. 



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