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When do you choose an advertising agency vs. a freelancer

27.06.2017 10:11 Bianca

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Yes, without marketing we don`t exist and there will be moments when we will realize that marketing efforts are vital to evolve in the market. Whether you are an entrepreneur who just wants to enter the market or a company that has not outsourced any service so far, it is quite difficult to touch all the sensitive and less sensitive points of the marketing activity. Let's say that you decide to call an expert so we can focus on the other business development processes. Because you prefer things done well at low costs, you're starting to look for a freelancer or even a “friend of a friend” that can do a little bit of branding, a little bit of social media, a little bit of all. Many entrepreneurs take out of the equation an advertising agency because the legend says they have high costs, it takes too long and they ask a lot of questions.

In reality, the scenario is different, and each business needs either an agency, either a freelancer, depending on objectives and the resources it has. 

We approached this topic below with a series of advantages and disadvantages of both an agency and a freelancer.

A person or a team

Let`s stop hiding behind the finger. A single person can`t do 100% the work of 4 or more people, but sometimes some businesses don`t even need so many people. In agencies, there is a different person for each part of the marketing strategy: social media, outdoor, goals, analysis, copywriting, etc. You choose a freelancer only when your project or your business needs punctual services like: a logo, a template, a logo change, etc.

The trends and the market

For an agency to live, innovation is a critical element in creating added value. Thus, more and more agencies are investing in educating the employees to bring new ideas and trends into the customer`s strategies and campaigns for more meaningful results. Freelancers though, learn and find resources themselves, thing which we call nowadays “self - learning”.

The agency`s vs. the freelancer`s goal

The interest of creative agencies is to build trustworthy relationships with the customers, while a freelancer is an expert in the fast and effective delivery of the projects. In advertising, not the message and the campaign are important, but how efficient and effective they are, implicitly what results they bring. So, the agencies will implement a campaign or a project in a longer period of time because they need a strategy and a methodology, comparing to freelancers who will try to solve the task as soon as possible.

The weight of the legal benefit

Agencies are legal entities, which offer far less risky collaboration than a freelancer who can disappear suddenly from the market. And yes, if you work with a freelancer you will not pay any taxes, but you can pay risks, both in terms of data security but also execution.

By whom will depend your marketing department 

When a department is in the hands of a single person in the case of freelancers, in crisis situations, it`s quite difficult to find a replacement. Each step in the implementation will also depend on one person and without it, the process can`t go any further. In the advertising agencies, the project manager will be continuously responsible for your project, of anticipating and replacing staff in case of emergencies or holidays. The disadvantage of the agencies is the possible loss of the information between the employees.

Therefore, there are companies that consider that a freelancer can do punctual tasks or smaller projects, but when it comes to more complex marketing strategies, objectives, multiple channels - shortly, a major project - it is vital for the entrepreneurs to look for an agency, for effective results.


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