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The power of being Something Else

07.06.2017 10:40 Ioana

Politica de fidelizare

All of us run our businesses in a free market economy, globalized and digitized, where companies are constantly fighting for market share and recognition, where being different and relevant at the same time becomes a must to attract and retain the costumers that you want.

If we take a look around, we notice many companies that have the same kind of business model, promote the same services, and sell the same kind of products. But, how many of them have the courage to be different and stand out of the crowd?

In this briefly depicted background, we think it would be appropriate to share with you a story of advertising that not many people know. At its core there lies a concept of resistance and nonconformity against advertising clichés, borned in Iasi, among sharp minds, with passion and authentic ideas for the creative arts. We call it SOMETHING ELSE.

But we can not continue our SOMETHING ELSE Story without talking about COLIBRI. Who and what exactly is COLIBRI, you say? Well, we are an enthusiastic and passionate group of creatives that identifies themselves as a well knit team with the versatility, efficiency and inventiveness of the bird whose name we bare. We are hands on involved in the evolution of businesses through branding, design, web development, consulting and marketing.

We are the ones who passionately believe in the power to generate valuable business ideas and solutions through design, combined with the power of an effective strategy, that renders a good design into an excellent branding potential. We are COLIBRI.

How it works?

Through individual branding projects, we liberate each businesses' power, potential and value, starting by outlining the brand's identity and the fresh ideas that work for it. In addition, we inspire the right emotions and ensure the clarity of the brand's messages, through resonant and captivating visual concepts and well-crafted words.

And, to help our customers adapt and move faster then the competition, we develop fluid and emerging digital experiences. Then we unveil and preach their story in their customers medium and environments, by way of a simple but effective marketing strategy.

Finally, after dozens of work hours, reiterations, and lots of acummulated knowledge, we give the brand's voice that Something Else to make it trully heard.

What does SOMETHING ELSE means to us?

Our entire activity is coordinated by our core four values: family, courage, creativity and passion. They represent the corner stones and birth of this concept.

We believe in the Colibri Family, composed of different, unique individuals, who have the exact know-how and personality traits necessary to materialize our intended common goals. In Colibri`s nest, the diversity of ideas hold a special place and we know how to highlight the qualities of each member, so that the whole team can unite and perform for the bennefit of a sole objective, our clients' interests. Each of us is an essential ingredient for the ultimate output to exceed expectations, to be SOMETHING ELSE.

Of course, the Colibri Family is not just about its team members. It’s also about the clients with whoom we've worked with, side by side, to build divergent and emerging brands. And, it's also about our trusted partners who have always helped us to achieve this.

We also strongly believe in the Courage to assume bold business goals, the courage to implement them regardless of the risks, and the courage to stay genuine. This courage transpires in the projects that we accept as challenges. Choosing not to see them for their weaknesses, but for their potential to become Something Else.

Moreover, we believe with passion. We are passionate about the work we do. We dream it , breath it and perfect it step by step, which comes from a natural, and consistent desire to better ourselves. So every stage of the creation and implementation processes is done with devotion and professionalism. And, this passion for what we do gives us the incentive to create SOMETHING ELSE for our customers.

Last but not least, SOMETHING ELSE is a promise made to the market to offer creativity and relevance to every delivered product or service. And the work that we do every day is a proof that we keep our promise.

So, in our nest, the concept of SOMETHING ELSE began to take shape, in an unpretentious way.

However, you might ask what was the exact spark that ignited this credo? It all started with the idea mentioned by one of our dearest clients. He wanted to refresh the image of his kindergarten through a modern digital identity. He wanted "a cake with a different twist of flavor". Unknowingly, he was looking for SOMETHING ELSE, and at the end of the project, he gladly admitted that he got exactly what he wanted. That's when we realized that we provide that flavory kick to every project that we undertake.

We do this for each of our customers. We analyze their needs, collect the ingredients we need, deconstruct all business's aspects to asemble and reorganize them in their best version, and help them put their mark on the market through a new image, bold projects and measurable results. We deliver SOMETHING ELSE.

What should SOMETHING ELSE mean for you?

The truth is, anyone can be different. Actually, we all are. As for a business, the real challenge is to be different in a relevant way, precious for your audience, so that you can create a competitive advantage. And for that we have to work together.
That is why Colibri’s goal is to dismantle the complicated processes involved in building and promoting a brand, to deliver bold and relevant ideas in creating a brand community and guiding you to successful achievments. In other words, our role is to turn you into SOMETHING ELSE.


Storyteller in Colibri's nest and a true seaker of Something Else. I believe in people, stories and authenticity.