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Am I creative?

29.06.2017 16:00 Mircea

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”Creativity is not created, it is there for us to find - it is an act of discovery” - George Lois

You are so creative! How awesome is that? I can't be like that. I'm just not creative.I can't paint, draw, create any form of art, compose music, write a poem, not even find a creative solution to a particular problem. That's how a semnificant part of us thinks. But the whole idea is not as complicated as it seems. Generally, all people are creative. You can be creative in mathematics, physics, installations and many other areas that at first sight have no direct link to this phenomenon called creativity.

Usually, creativity is considered a sort of genetic gift, a heroic or magical act. When, in fact, creativity is a discovery process. More specifically, one based on identifing ideas that at first glance have nothing in comon, but which, once combined, impress the audience, precisely because they did not expect that combination.

Now you see me?

We are trained since birth to observe the environment, to place objects in categories, to associate roles and labels with people around us. That is to guide us in society and to survive. Thus, we come to follow paths already beaten by others before us in automatic pilot mode, a state in which your mind rests. The first rule that drives you to become creative: Open your eyes and mind! Notice the new things around you, make unexpected associations, think as divergently as possible.

Then what?

Once your eyes are opened, you become even more curious. And cultivating curiosity is a must to become you, the one who thinks you are not creative, more inventive, innovative, original and initiating.

Since creativity is a discovery process, as Albert Eistein thinks, formulating a question is the first and most important step towards becoming a more creative person. More important than the actual response. So ask, ask and ask! Did you find the answer to the question? Awesome! So you've learned something new. But do not stop here. Dig deep. Educate your mind to be thirsty for it. And adopt creativity as a compulsory practice, a new modus operandi.

Are you afraid?

Fear stands as start for any road. There is no fearless man. Fears are as natural as the air we breathe and are still sustained by society. But fear inhibits creativity. Especially the fear of failure that will not allow you to try to deconstruct ideas, reorganize them in an unusual way and as you wish. My advice? Accepts the chance to fail because failure is part of success, as courage is part of creativity.

Now what?

Think of your passions, of what make your heart beat, of what stimulates your mind, of what you could speak for hours. Find out what you really want, which direction you want to follow. Then, start of a new you, one more thirsty for life, keen on creativity, ready to start over and over again, even a thousand times, if necessary.

Final point?

Now it's kind of hard to say you're not creative. You are liable to be creative since you were born. All you have to do is embrace the unknown, the impossible, and all that has never been done. Practice your mental faculties to deconstruct ideas, unexpected recombination, curiosity, courage and self-confidence.

Keep in mind: creativity is not a magical skill you are born with, but it is simply a way of thinking, a process by which different elements are combined in an unusual way to get something beautiful or useful or both.

Our humanity and society is being shaken by a limiting way of thinking and it is our duty to evolve, to open new paths, to see in the future, and to find new solutions to old problems. Learn to look outside the box you were placed in.


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